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2016 In Review

As 2016 comes to an end I would like to thank all of my clients & friends from around the world for the opportunity to work with you in planning what I hope was your dream vacation. Building these relationships is a lot like travel in that it is about the journey and the path I have chosen to build my company. That being said I look forward to what the future holds in store for each of us. Here are a few pictures of some of the wonderful relationships we have built and I encourage you all to share your travel pictures in this post. More pictures can be found on Sofia's Travel, LLC Facebook  Page on each album, by country, which will hopefully inspire others to follow their own travel dreams.

I love experiencing the world and sharing its beauty with you and all that travel has to offer. This year we circled the globe twice as we logged over 50,000 miles traveled! We visited 6 Countries, 27 cities, crossed the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea, Poe River, experienced Italy twice (can’t get enough), too many tours to list via planes, trains, river and ocean cruises. We rolled through busy streets in a rickshaw, sauntered to the top of a Palace on an Elephant, ambled through the desert on Camels, zipped through the sands on ATV’s and went dune bashing in 4 x 4’s in the Arabian Desert. We traveled with some old friends and met many new interesting people along the way, experienced different cultures, mesmerizing architecture, beautiful art and ate some great food.

The world is such a fascinating place and with so much to see and do sometimes deciding where to go and what to experience can simply be overwhelming. Having this unique understanding combined with my experience is what allows me the ability to define, to the very last detail, a dream vacation that will exceed your own expectations. I can only hope in some small way, sharing my own passion for travel, will open up your imagination to the many adventures available the world has to offer.

2017 is going to be a perfect opportunity to do something NEW, something BOLD and something BEAUTIFUL!

I can't wait to share all of the epic adventures, exciting news & growth for Sofia's Travel, LLC in 2017...Stay tuned!!!

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