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About Sofia's Travel, LLC

Passion is contagious and so is travel…

What better way to share my life-long passion for travel but to embark on a journey of helping others capture the same excitement and joy as I have been able to encounter and appreciate in my own life. Surround yourself with like-minded people with the sole purpose of offering “simple but elegant” choices of a highly specialized and luxurious travel experiences and you have my vision and inspiration for establishing Sofia’s Travel, LLC.

Our team of Certified Destination Experts want to share their passion for you to see and experience new places; a search to fulfill the inner explorer in each of us; to succeed in finding the adventurist that does exist somewhere deep inside of our spirit; to satisfy that longing to discover far-away places…

At Sofia's Travel, LLC we are in the business of fostering a relationship with YOU, to share 

our passion so we can turn your Dreams in to Journeys!

A Message from Sofia

I have been blessed to have travelled to all 7 Continents, over 100 different countries & far too many cities to list. I have circled the globe countless times via planes, trains, ocean and river cruises. I have meandered down the Poe, Danube, Moselle, Seine and Rhine Rivers. I have sailed the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans in addition to the Mediterranean, Arabian, and Adriatic Seas, around Cape Horn and through Drake’s Passage.

I have rolled through busy streets in a rickshaw, sauntered to the top of Amber Fort on an Elephant, ambled through the desert on Camels and zipped through the powdery sands of the Arabian Desert dune bashing in 4 x 4’s. I have played Polo in Argentina, walked with Penguins in their habitat in Punta Tombo and Falkland Islands. I have experienced the majestic Glaciers of Antarctica and Alaska, the Old World Romantic settings of Europe, the exotic destinations of Asia, North Africa, South America and the Emirates all the way down under to Australia and New Zealand.

I have been lucky to have traveled with some old friends and even luckier to have met many new ones along the way. I have immersed myself in varying cultures, viewed mesmerizing architecture, visited world renowned museums, enjoyed countless tours and tasted some of the greatest food around the globe all while taking in the never-ending beauty and secrets each destination reveals.

The world is such a fascinating place and with so much to see and do sometimes deciding where to go and what to experience next can simply be overwhelming.

Let's explore your next adventure together!



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