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Blissful Explorer ...What Are Our Clients Saying About Us

We love hearing from our clients and friends when they return from one of their dream vacations. Many of our clients have been with us so long we consider them family...

The Perfect Honeymoon in Thailand

"Hi Sofia!

We are doing well and are happy to be home! We had a wonderful trip filled with a lot of magical experiences. Some days were tougher than others, but overall it was a dream! The two four season hotels were unbelievable! Chiang Rai was out of this world! We had so much fun with the elephants and taking tours of the floating markets in Bangkok. The spa in the Four Seasons in Chiang Rai was the closest I have ever been to nirvana. The hotel in Phuket felt like a downgrade even though it was still a gorgeous hotel, simply because our expectations were a mile high by that point in the trip. The one thing I would change about the trip if we were to do it again is the leisure days. Nicole and I realized that we do not like days where we sit around and do nothing. They actually stressed us out more than they felt relaxing, and felt like a waste of a day. We love even a simple activity like the rum distillery tour where we can try new things and make new memories. We absolutely loved the yacht day where we got to see the islands, and the hike through the rainforest. All the food was spectacular, our tour guides were amazing, and the weather was perfect. Overall it was an experience we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

We are already excited to plan our next trip and will definitely contact you when we do.

Hope all is well with you!

Nicole & Ben"

From the Swiss Alps to Mont Blanc to Paris

"Hi Sofia,

I thought it would be of some value to you for us to check in and let you know how wonderful everything is so far.

I suspect none of these pictures need explaining!

We had our tour in Annecy and in Geneva. Amazing !

The hotel is amazing, and that was a great call on your part. The staff cannot be any more accommodating if they tried, and nothing is left to chance.

Cheryl and I agreed that the Mont Blanc hotel was the nicest place we have ever stayed, that is until we got you the Fouquettes hotel in Paris. They make you feel like royalty, and could not have been more welcoming and interested in our comfort and happiness.

Every driver and guide we have had has been professional, polite, exactly on time, and as you and I discussed, that is always the "X factor" in these trips. However, we appreciate all of the detail and care you put into it.

Ski conditions have not been pristine, but they were just fine for us.

The odds of it all going as perfectly as it did, were very low, given all of the moving parts. However, it could not have been any more wonderful if we tried.

As I said, it seemed considerate to check in with you along the way, because it is apparent to me that you were very vested in this, so, thank you!

Everything has been wonderful, and we have you to thank for helping us put together a great family trip, filled with wonderful memories.

Speak with you soon.

Merry Christmas!

Doug & Cheryl"

From Iceland to Germany

"Hello Sofia!

Life has been very hectic with a child on the way. Thank you for the card! I already gave your business card to a couple people who are planning vacations in the future. I was finally about to get to the review, so here it is:

Traveling with the help of Sofia's Travel was truly a wonderful experience and I truly cannot recommend it enough to anyone who is planning a vacation.

My wife and I came to Sofia simply with an idea of what we wanted. Explore Iceland and Germany. She came back with an amazing itinerary with so many interesting and beautiful places to explore and some experiences I never would have considered.

From the day we left to the day we came back home, there was not a single detail that had been overlooked. The flights were perfectly spaced so that there was no worry about missed connections with transportation already planned, and there were plenty of tours that gave us the opportunity to experience the country while still giving us time to do our own exploration. There was one issue that came up due to weather, and before the tour company even let us know, Sofia had sent us an itinerary change with advance notice.

This was not our first experience planning a vacation through a travel company, and the level of detail and consideration that we received has ensured that I will be planning every vacation through Sofia's Travel.

Thank you once again for everything you have done. This vacation was truly a memorable experience and I already cannot wait for the next one.

Chris & Natalia Gutierrez"

Hawaiian Island Cruise

"Hi Sofia,

The trip was amazing and we loved Hawaii!

Our favorite islands were Hilo & Maui. Overall, Hilo was my favorite. There was just so much to do in both places and by renting a car made things so much easier.

Overall, it was one of the best cruises I've been on beside Alaska. I'm so thankful for all of your help. We will never forget this trip.

Timney & Arielle"

The Great Scandinavian Adventure from Stockholm, Sweden to Oslo, Norway to Copenhagen, Denmark and everything in between. 

"Good Morning Sofia,

First of all, our trip to Scandinavia was outstanding and a lifetime memory we will always cherish. What an incredibly beautiful part of the world! We were especially delighted that we were "off the typical" European path for tourists. May is a perfect month for travel especially since we had gorgeous weather for 95% of the time and the spring flowers were blooming everywhere!

Thank you for your outstanding help and expertise! We are very pleased customers and will certainly reach out to you again with future travels. As we said earlier, our Scandinavian adventure will always be a cherished memory and, for the most part, perfect for the personal way we like to travel.

Heartfelt thanks again,

Susan and Ross Condit"

Mediterranean Galore from Spain, to Morocco, to Monte Carlo, Monaco to the French Riviera & the Amalfi Coast

"Our trip was fabulous! We have descrided our adventures to quite a few family/friends who knew we were off to Europe. We have given your name to a few people who have asked for your contact, so let us know if you hear.

We thought for the most part, the hotels were all in very desirable locations. Having a pre assigned driver to pick us up was great from/to the airports. The schedule was almost perfect the whole three weeks. We may have possibly spent one less day in Marbella and one more in Nice but all in all a very good itinerary for us.

May is certainly a great time in that area. We were able to go to the Cannes film festival and The Gran Prix of Monaco on one of the days in late May!

Chow, and take care!

Doug & Annie"

A Brothers Trip Racing Through Germany from Cologne to 

Nurburgring to Berlin

"Hi Sofia, we had an absolute blast. Thank you for all your help putting that together for us -- it was exactly the experience I wanted to create for my brother, and he had an incredible time. We'll be reminiscing about this trip for the rest of our lives. Thank you for everything, and I hope to work with you again in the future!



Alpine Villages through Germany & Austria

"Hi Sofia,

It was so amazing! We are still coming down off the high of it all and trying to reacclimate with work and regular life.

We are in love with Bavaria...We may move to the Alps someday :) The view from the top of Germany via the Zugspitze was so crazy. We had to take the cable car the whole way up since the train was down and that was pretty wild.

But you captured what we wanted perfectly in a vacation. We will most certainly be going to you for our next one. Thought so far are Japan, South Korea, Greece, or Patagonia.

Thank you again, be in touch,

Tanya & Stephanie"

Greek Islands & Croatia

Text message:

“Sofia you’re batting 1000% on this one! What a beautiful ship and you were so right…. It’s not crowded at all! In fact to give you some perspective, this ship holds 2900 passengers and we’re sailing with just slightly over 800. There’s 900 crew on board so we have more crew than guests which means the service is absolutely incredible! The sailing last week only had 300 passengers on board and the week before was only 400! You can literally walk from one end to the other and oftentimes count less than 10 people as the number of bodies you will see! I’ll share some pics when we get back so stay tuned but we did want to say “thank you“ again!”

Personal Testimonial:

"We have really enjoyed our relationship with Sofia over the past few years! She has become such an important part of our family as we have come to depend upon her insight and expertise as a travel advisor! Our most recent trip was an incredible experience as we went in July of this year on an 8-night Greek Island Cruise aboard the brand-new Celebrity Apex! Sofia did an excellent job of handling all the details of this trip for us…. from start to finish! There was nothing that was left undone… it was “plug and play” all the way which really made our travel experience even better because we never found ourselves worrying about the details! And as always, she is so well-versed in travel with her international experiences! She knows the world and she knows her clients which allows her to appropriately match client desire with destinations and opportunities! Thank you, Sofia, for another incredible experience!"

Thank You Letter:


Thank you so much for all that you did to make our Greek Island Cruise our most incredible travel experience ever! From start to finish, we never had to worry about a thing! You did such an excellent job of handling all the details so we could sit back and enjoy! We cannot thank you enough for always coming through for us. You have become more than just a travel advisor to us… you’ve become a dear and trusted friend! Here is to Iceland in 2022!"

Pete & Fran Mattix

Explorer of The Year "Bonnie"

We start them young at Sofia's Travel, LLC...This little cutie jet setter has already traveled to 10 cities, 6 states, and 3 continents before the age of 1. Born in Tucson AZ, she since has traveled to Chicago, Charleston, Atlanta, Nantucket, Naples Florida, Key West, London, England, Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. She is looking forward to her next vacation to St. Lucia and I cannot wait to hear all about her experience and feedback as I am excited to turn her dreams into journeys for many more years to come!

Explorer Spotlight "Bob & Marj"

As Sofia’s Travel, LLC continues to celebrate our 5th Anniversary it’s only fitting that we highlight one of our many Explorers that have been with us from the beginning who also happens to be celebrating a special anniversary this year…

I would personally like to introduce you to world explorers Bob & Marj Berguson who, as of April 13th of this year, have been married for 50 years! ​They are as unique as the world around us and I wanted to share their journey in addition to extending our warmest appreciation and love! I can truly say the world is a better place with these two lovely people in it!

Bob is a retired University Art Professor Emeritus and Marj a retired Junior High Administrative Assistant. They have two sons and 5 grandchildren. During their 50 years of traveling the world together they have lived in Rome, Italy twice and Marj in Salamanca, Spain for 8 weeks. Bob has displayed his art in New Orleans for 18 years at Cole Pratt Gallery, and Dallas, TX for 2 years at Blue Print Gallery with his contemporary abstract art.

Their favorite art galleries around the world are the Louvre, Prado, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Orso in Paris, Fort Worth Museum of Art, Dia Art Foundation, Guggenheim, NY, and Bilbao, Spain, Tate in London, Reina Sofia, Madrid, MOMA and Hirshhorn.

They have traveled all of their lives but now visit the world multiple times annually. They have seen the United States including Alaska and Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean Islands, Panama, Columbia, Costa Rica, Italy, France Spain, Portugal, England, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, and Greece and heading to enjoy the Windmills and Tulips next spring.

Their favorite places to visit are Eastern Europe and The Alpine Countries.

We wish them well on their continued travels for many years to come and I can truly say my life has been enriched through my friendship with this lovely couple. 

Again, Happy Anniversary with all our love from Sofia and Sofia’s Travel, LLC!

Celebrating 5 Years of Journeys  "Tis The Season"

We'd Like To Wish You A Safe And Happy Holiday Season And A Peaceful And Prosperous

New Year!

As we look back on the past five years, we want to recognize You and the many memories and journeys we have explored together! 


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