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“And if travel is like love, it is, in the end, mostly because it’s a heightened state of awareness, in which we are mindful, receptive, undimmed by familiarity and ready to be transformed. That is why the be​st trips, like the best love affairs, never really end.” 

2022 Year In Review

2022 was to be the year we finally stepped out of the shadows of Covid and began traveling with a sense of peace we would not have to address each country’s ever-changing policies which was the only constant throughout this period.   Well, the year started off with changes once again as our Antarctica sailing was cancelled and so were our aspirations to touch all 7 continents for the second time.  Not to be one to dwell on the negative we made the best of it and as you continue reading you will see we doubled down this year on our travel.  We were drinking lemonade all year as we took 8 trips, visited 5 continents, 13 countries, 25 cities, 7 islands, logged over 91,000 air miles and circled the globe 4 times!  


This may be a long read but hopefully worth the time given the diversity of this year’s travels.   I hope you enjoy, and, in some way, this gets you to start thinking where you want to go on your next journey.  

2021 Year In Review

It’s that time again to reminisce about this past year’s travel, the sites seen, the experiences shared, and the relationships renewed. You will notice one difference in 2021 versus past years and that is the total number of places visited. While it may not have been as numerous, we traveled, and it was nothing less than amazing! The operative words when traveling today are stay informed and be flexible and then after that make sure you are informed and continue to be flexible! As the saying goes, the only constant is change and that holds true in today’s travel environment as there are ever changing guidelines for all countries...

2020 In Review

From staying home and social distancing to adapting to a new normal, whatever that is, 2020 dared us in many ways to find normalcy. There were trips cancelled, sites left unseen and dream vacations put on hold and yet looking back we are amazed at what was accomplished. This year is defined as “where there is a will, there is a way”!

2019 In Review

WOW…What a busy year 2019 turned out to be! I looked back and was amazed that I had actually taken 13 trips visiting 49 cities, 17 countries, 5 continents and logged over 85,000 miles through the air while circling the globe 4 times. We were blessed to have stayed at some of the most distinguished hotels and resorts in the world, sailed on both luxury river and ocean cruises all while enjoying private guided tours through some of the most breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage sights imaginable.

All of the details including pictures are on Sofia’s Travel, LLC FB page for your enjoyment and to hopefully inspire some of your own travel desires. 

Here is a short recap of our year… 

​2018 In Review

2018 was all about celebrating Sofia’s Travel, LLC 5th anniversary and WOW…what a year! We circled the globe twice according to our Delta sky miles report, stepped on several continents, visited countless cities and admired many wor​ld-renowned museums and UNESCO World Heritage sites along the way...

2017 In Review

2017 was a very diverse travel year as we cruised, flew and sailed our way around the world. It started off with a flair for the dramatic when...

2016 In Review

As 2016 comes to an end I would like to thank all of my clients & friends from around the world for the opportunity to work with you in planning what I hope was your dream vacation. Building these relationships is a lot like travel in that it is about the journey.... 


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